Friday, January 30, 2009

$3 Million for 30 Seconds

Well, "Marketing's Big Game" --as has dubbed it--happens the day after tomorrow, and although I can't tell you with any certainty who will actually be fighting it out on the field (the Steelers versus ... somebody) I am definitely interested in who will be jockeying for our attention during the commercial breaks. Interestingly, one of these $100,000-per-second ads has been created by the Dallas-based The Richards Group for Bridgestone. I expect they'll bring their A-game for something with this much money and exposure involved, so we'll be seeing the very best they can do. I also noticed that some of the companies had elected to do their commercials in-house, which is understandable when it's Paramount Pictures or Sony Pictures, but GoDaddy? I hope they know what they're doing.