Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slightly Dumber than a Dog

So Catherine Zeta-Jones is back in new T-Mobile ads, but I can't derive even the dubious enjoyment from them that I did before, because they perpetuate the suddenly prevalent cliche of the stupid husband. As Sarah Haskins pointed out in a Target:Women episode dedicated to the subject, women apparently "do it all without a shred of help from those lumbering man-beast known as 'husbands'". Indeed, according to pop culture as reimagined through the eyes of unimaginative TV spots. So for the crime of furthering an unrealistic, unfunny stereotype, I'm going to label this a T-Mobile fail.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Walkin' Round the World

Johnnie Walker is a brand whose advertising has caught my attention before, and the newest effort by BBH London caught it and held it (for 6:28 minutes, to be precise). I've never tasted Johnny Walker whiskey, but I might make the effort after seeing this mini-movie: narrated by Robert Carlyle, whose craggy face and rolling brogue match the stark Inverlochlarig landscape featured as the canvas on which the single continuous take paints its story. In addition to this brand history given legs, I also enjoyed watching the credits and seeing how many heads and hands were needed to make this spot (even an animal handler for the cow!).
I have included one of my favorite older Johnnie Walker ads...the one that first piqued my interest in the brand, all those months ago.
Keep walking, Johnnie.